On the 6th January we will be hosting a FREE of charge Camera Workshop. This workshop is aimed at people that are interested in photography, already do photography that need a helping hand. We will host the evening 7-9pm  in the roundhill club and we will go through some basics with you all. Obviously it would be impossible to learn everything in the one evening, but we aim to give you an insight as to what you can achieve with your camera, whatever type of camera you have.

At our camera club we have a variety of levels within our members from beginner to advanced and also members in between. We as a club aim to develop YOUR photography from day one. Our usual club sessions will appeal to all levels of photography and any beginners that join up will be pointed to relevant members to help you with your settings. I.E if you have a Canon camera you will be assigned to an experienced Canon user, same with Nikon etc etc.

So…… There is no better time to come along and see what our club can offer you.

Hope to see you all there and all the best for 2020.

photography workshop