On Sunday 20th March Castleford Camera Club had an outing to Farndale to do a photo-walk along the Daffodil trail. The weather was great and we had lots of laughs along the way.

Myself (Dave Hartley) & Joe Seymour arrived at Low Mill car park  at approximately 10am ish paid for the parking which was in an honesty box at the entrance  of the car park. we were hoping for the band hut to be open for a coffee but unfortunately it wasnt open. we waited for the rest of the group that were on the way to meet us. Jackie, Ann and Glenys arrived and we got ourselves sorted and began walking the trail. The sun was out, although there was a little nip in the air but it was still a beautiful day.

The Daffodil Trail

The Daffodil trail runs along the side of a stream that twists and turns on the left hand side of the trail and to the right you have some wonderful landscape views. As the path goes on you go through quite a few gates and fences, we took the route quite slow as we were taking photos at the same time, Joe even ended up in a hollow tree trunk lol. unfortunately we were a little early for the daffodils, there were some out but not like it is when they are all in full bloom.

At  the mid point of the trail we were greeted with “The Daffy Cafe” we had a much needed coffee and a bite to eat, we had a lovely bench to sit at  but then Glenys moved us to the oldest bench in the world, because it was in the sun. we had an ice-cream after the food and then set off back.

green sign post next to a red post box

The Walk Back

On the way back, we started our return on the same path we arrived on,  and the took a track to the left of us, this went uphill and through fields with livestock and past the stinkiest farmyard ever! shortly after the farmyard the footpath descended down  and rejoined the very beginning of the trail.  Te uphill walk certainly gets you out of breath so we were all glad to see the band hut was open and serving teas’ Coffee’s and cake. We all had a much needed treat, the cake was delicious. Im sure one of the group had more than 1 piece of cake 😉

And thats that, we set off back, it was such a great day 🙂

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope it gives an insight into Castleford Camera Club’s trips out, we do have good fun and it makes a great day out.

Check out the images below from the day.