I’m Steve, an enthusiastic, accomplished, semi-professional photographer specialising mostly in candid portrait/street photography and macro, nature and wildlife photography, though I happily dabble with most other genres. I bought my first camera, a Panasonic bridge camera while I was on holiday in Athens in October 2017 when I found my mobile phone camera wasn’t up to the job of capturing the fantastic vistas.

For Christmas that year my wife bought me an online photography course from which I really enjoyed and learnt a lot mostly that my bridge camera wasn’t up to the job. So, by the following June I’d bought my first Canon DSLR, I traded up a couple of times until I bought my current Canon EOS 80D. I finished the year being voted 5th out of 96000 students on the iphotography course, fuelling an urge to keep learning and improving my photography.

The next step on my photography journey was joining Castleford Camera Club in January 2020. Up until then I’d mostly been doing wildlife and nature photography, my first night at club was a model night with the fantastic Harry Mountain. Before joining I thought photographing people wasn’t for me, but Harry changed that, and I really enjoyed the evening and with a couple more evenings under my belt knew I’d made the right decision joining the club.

Steve Fleetwood is available on the below platforms, should you wish to make contact.

Steve Fleetwoods Gallery