A room full of drips

I think it is safe to say everyone enjoyed last Monday’s evening of learning the importance of a high shutter speed in photography and it’s relation to flash photography.

To demonstrate this, we set up some basic water drop equipment using glass jars, water and food colouring, Nigel Busfield (Chairman) made his water dropper using a small bottle and some type of plastic pippette with a control valve. This worked perfectly. I (David Hartley) Clamped a baby bottle teet to a stand and that seemed to work well, but ran out of water quicker than Nigel’s contraption lol.

There was even some balloon bursting using high speed sync flash, this was a very challenging subject but was fun, especially as Nigel got covered in talc.

Thanks to everyone that came along and I hope you all took something away from the evening to help you improve your photography or maybe inspired you to try something new.

water drop set up

Next Week

Next week we will be working with slow shutter speeds. We are sure this will be just as fun as the water drops. We will be doing some light painting and wire wool spinning in the car park. The nights are getting darker earlier now and this doesnt stop your photography, it makes you more creative.

Please bring with you your cameras and tripods, if you do have a metal whisk some string and wire wool to hand then that could come in handy, however we will supply as much as we can from the clubs reserves. Also if you have anything bright like glow sticks, torches etc etc, you could bring these along to use.

I hope you are all looking forward to it as much as we are.

Thank you for reading and we will see you on Monday for another epic evening 🙂