Castleford Camera Club hosted a spectacular Model Night on 29th January, creating a memorable experience for members and enthusiasts alike. This event aimed to provide photographers with the opportunity to refine their portrait photography skills while collaborating with a professional model (Mark Bennett). The evening was filled with creativity, inspiration, and the exchange of artistic ideas.

Renowned Mark Bennett graced the event, bringing charisma and diversity to the photo session. His expertise and experience enhanced the overall quality of the images captured during the night.

The event fostered a collaborative spirit among the photographers and Mark Bennett. The exchange of ideas and techniques created a supportive atmosphere, encouraging participants to push their creative boundaries.

The Model Night at Castleford Camera Club was a resounding success, providing photographers with a unique opportunity to refine their skills in portrait photography. The collaboration with professional model, and a supportive atmosphere contributed to an unforgettable evening of creativity and artistic expression. The event not only strengthened the photography community within the club, but also highlighted the club’s commitment to fostering growth and excellence among its members.

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Check out our on the night & some of the finished photos below…

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