Harry Mountain “The Gentleman”

Monday the 27th January saw the first studio session of 2020. And what a way to do it too! We had the wonderful Harry Mountain “The Gentleman” Character model for the evening. Harry is not only a model but has been seen in many period dramas too, probably the most famous one being “Peaky Blinders”.

Peaky Blinders was his first costume for us at Castleford Camera Club and he certainly looked the part in his outfit along with his many props he brought with him .

For the 2nd set he brough a set of clothing and props for his character he calls “The Eccentric” This comprised of a Tweed Jacket and waistcoat accessorized with a yellow/Orange Cravat and a couple of different hats.

Below are a range of images from our members.

An advert made for a studio shoot